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By AB Tutorials Team
13 Sep, 2021
Earlier, Civil and criminal law were the only two branches for the lawyers to specialize in. But now lawyers are equipped with a number of options - like taxation, labor, patent, cyber, corporate, intellectual property and international laws. And, as the number of options increases, so does the scope of the profession.

Legal education in India has undergone momentous evolution. Education pertaining to law is no longer just about learning everything from hefty books. In the recent times, stimulating curriculum loaded with excellent interactive activities which provides an array of opportunities to the students contributing towards an all-round development is being offered by the top law colleges in India.

A degree in law is much sought after, and is one of the most popular choices amongst the professional courses in India. The degree aims at transforming an individual into a well-rounded persona, with a sound legal knowledge supplemented by fine analytical skills and articulation. From the vivacious and dynamic mooting culture to the establishment of Legal Aid services at college level, court visits, debating activities, mock trials and much more, Legal education in India has come a long way.

The Diverse Career Options in Law:

As Bachelors of Law, legal experts have the advantage of acquiring a section into any of the three original organs of the public authority. Any remaining degrees can make you qualified for a growing vocation in the Executive as well as the Legislature, yet just a law degree will fill in as your pass to entrance into the Legislative wing. The extent of legal vocation isn't restricted to simply courtroom and legal fights. A plenty of chances are to be had in different areas like law firms at corporate houses, administrative law firms, alternate dispute resolution units, etc.

Try not to allow the black & white to overwhelm you into accepting that law is about dull robbing of broad techniques and sculptures. The magnificence of law lies in the actual craft of deciphering it in its different measurements, which promotions tints of imagination to this field of information.

Following are a scope of vocation choices that a law graduate can decide on:
  1. Litigation
  2. Indian Legal Service
  3. Teaching & Writing
  4. Law firms
  5. Corporate Lawyers
  6. Solicitors
  7. Alternate Dispute Resolution
  8. Entrepreneurship
  9. Journalism

Overall, the extent of professions identified with law is huge in India and abroad. This degree furnishes a person with a few abilities that empower him/her to investigate the legitimate component of assorted fields. A degree in law is henceforth, an enabling and compensating one that exposes heap profession openings in front of the degree holder.
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