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LLB at Bennet University by ex ABT student Rogan Josh

By AB Tutorials student Rogan Josh
18 Sep, 2021
LLB at Bennet University by ex ABT student Rogan Josh
Being a 3rd year student at Bennett University, Greater Noida I reckon to be at a place where I could reflect the actual experience of the student life in there. Bennett University as an institution holds immense potential of providing quality education to the students. Being a student of law what I have experienced so far when it comes to academic, extracurriculars, character and interaction skill buildup is that it is commendable! With best in class faculty and overall an effective curriculum to follow students get to learn the subjects in an efficacious manner. There are regular classes, project hours where professors teaches and interacts with us, nicely explaining the topic and clearing the raised doubts. With a bunch of assignment, vivas, class tests, exams, presentations the learning environment that gets created has a very positive effect over the student’s understanding capabilities. There are a lot of clubs to join, sports to get into and much beyond it that helps the students to get engaged within the campus apart from the academic schedule as well. Lush green and secure campus makes it a very comfortable place for students to hang around. There are multiple paid food joints along side the main cafeteria where 4 time meal (Breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner) is available. The only down side is that the cafeteria food doesn’t actually match the expectations as the home-cooked food has a different taste whatsoever. Campus being away from the actual city of Greater Noida has both pros and cons depending on personal perspectives, some find it good whereas the others don’t. Talking of the hostel, it is alright with not so spacious room but it does its job, washroom are decent as well just like what we could expect from a “hostel”, nothing fancy and also nothing too bad. But from my experience, hostel life there would definitely help us to make some real nice memories. Lastly, the placement scenario is fine as well, a lot of big companies such as Microsoft, Google etc comes in. Although no law batch has passed out yet so scenario about law isn’t very clear but we hope it would be decent as well. All in all Bennett University being a newly established institution is doing its job in a good way, a student with an interest in the course he or she is opting for could do really good and walk up the path of success they’re looking for. At the end of the day it is on us, whether we could do the amount of hardwork that would yield fruitful outcomes or not but the Bennett University surely provides a pathway even beyond the academic boundaries to excel towards our set goals. This is not a promotion but just what I personally feel, there might be some students who don’t feel the same but no place is perfect nevertheless as a private institution of its kind, it is a solid 8 out of 10 for me as there are always scope for improvement.
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