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How to crack IB 43/45

By AB Tutorials student Sanjana Sethi Kings College
21 Sep, 2021
How to crack IB 43/45
It is common knowledge that the IB is notorious for its difficulty and rigor because of its reputation as a college- level diploma program. However, the fact that this course is a challenging one is not to say that it is impossible to perform well in it. In fact, cracking the IB is less about what your IQ is, and more about how efficiently you utilize the resources given to you.

One of these resources, is time. Doing well in the IB is all about time management because being in control of time allows you to be in control of your grades. It is important to stay disciplined and adhere strictly to the deadlines set for you by your teachers. This allows you to keep calm and stave off the pressure that arises with multiple IA, EE and TOK Deadlines that occur concurrently. 

Moreover, this leads me to the second most important resource which is the key to cracking the IB, and that is Feedback. Contrary to popular belief, it is not how well you do in your assignments the first time, but the quality and improvements in your final piece. The only way you can achieve this improvement is by receiving recurring feedback from your teachers, as they are the best judges of what the IB is looking for in their answers. It is crucial that you learn to include key phrases and terms.

This takes me to my third point, which is a common misconception. The IB is not a board that tests your knowledge. Conversely, it tests your understanding. It is crucial for you to realize the nuanced difference between the two. Spitting out factually correct but mechanical, unorganized thoughts on paper will not guarantee a high grade. On the contrary, it is a sophisticated, systematic analysis of factually correct information that will help you stand out.

I am grateful beyond words for the support and constant guidance I received from Gaurav sir and the AB Tutorials team. Gaurav sir personally takes time to take interactive sessions and personally connect with each student. He showed me a path forward and it was under his invaluable guidance that I applied to the UK and was accepted into one of the top universities for Law. I have immense gratitude for his encouragement and positive words. Gaurav sir not only helps students form an effective strategy, but also helps inspire them from within to reach their goals by being personally, involved, which was priceless. Being introduced to ABT has significantly changed the trajectory of my path and inspired me to work hard and improve myself in all aspects of life.
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