A New Beginning

As we start the new academic year, I am always reminded of the importance of a good start. As the exams get over mostly student are preparing for the way forward. It is important for students to understand that sowing the seed properly always ensure a good crop & a good harvest.

Where a seed is sown properly and taken care of, it is assured that it will grow into a good plant and bear a good crop. This is a foregone conclusion when the seed is sown properly and taken care of whether the plant is taken care of properly, or in an average manner, one thing is for sure which is that the crop will be harvested for sure. Some plants will be harvested earlier, some later but all will be harvested within the year. Continue reading “A New Beginning”

Happy Life

Ways for Cultivating a Happy Life

Deep in most human hearts is a hunger for happiness. The world’s ceaseless quest for pleasure is surely an expression of this hunger. Of course, pleasure and happiness are two very different things. The world’s tragedy is that it so often confuses them. Pleasure is rather like a drug. The effects soon wear off, and further doses are needed constantly. Any benefit received is largely transitory.
Happiness, on the other hand, has an abiding quality about it. The happy one’s actual experience of life is clearly more rewarding than the experience of one who sees life through jaundiced eyes. It is the difference between life being wonderful and life not being worth living. Continue reading “Happy Life”