Law Commission recommends legalising sports betting in India

The Law Commission of India, in its 276th report, has recommended legalisation of regulated betting and gambling activities, while asserting that a complete ban has not been returning the desired results.

The report stated that since it is not possible to completely prevent these activities, effectively regulating them would be the only feasible option.

Animals declared as ‘legal persons’ in Uttarakhand

In a first, the Uttarakhand High Court on July 4, 2018 accorded the status of ‘legal person or entity’ to the animals in the state and said that “they have a distinct persona with corresponding rights, duties and liabilities of a living person.”

The unique status was bestowed upon the state’s animals by a division bench of judges comprising Justice Rajiv Sharma and Justice Lokpal Singh while issuing a series of directions to prevent cruelty against animals.