• Only one third rivers are flowing free

In a recent study published in Nature magazine first detailed, replicable global map of rivers whose flow has been largely affected and unaffected by human activities was given. It has been found in the research that several human activities disrupt the natural flow of rivers. For example, dams that span river channels distort the movement of water, sediment and organisms from upstream to downstream.

• RIL acquires toy retailer Hamleys

Reliance Industries Ltd. (RIL) acquired British toy retailer Hamleys in aall cash deal on May 09, 2019. As per the RIL announcement they have acquired Hamleys in 67.96 million pounds (about Rs. 620 cr).  With this announcement Reliance will get hold of hundred percent shares of Hamleys Global Holdings Limited (HGHL).

ICC World Cup 2019: Is orange the new blue for Team India’s away jersey?

Team India is yet to unveil their new jersey for their ‘away matches’ against England and Afghanistan during the Cricket World Cup 2019. India’s yet-to-be revealed jersey kit is likely to have orange as the dominant colour. Other nations including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and South Africa have already revealed their ‘away’ jerseys.