5 Year LLB Examination

ABLTT (Turtle)

Course Duration: 1 year | Course Code: 02

ABLTT (Turtle) is a one year program meant for students who have just entered class 12th or completed class 12th and still eligible as per the age requirement.

This course is available in 3 versions:

  • ABLTT 02A

    The course commences beginning of summer vacations of class 12th (May end till 1st week of July). In the summer vacations, it is three times a week an intensive program. After summer holidays, when schools reopen, it is once a week ad exclusive program which continues like this till October end when it breaks for the board exams. Students are provided online practice exercises till end of November.

    Classes resume after the board exams (End of March) again 3 times a week till 2nd week of May.

  • ABLTT 02B

    This course commences after the summer holidays and classes are held twice a week till November when classes break for the board examinations.

    Classes resume end of March, three times a week till second week of May (till CLAT exams).

  • ABLTT 02C

    This course is same as ABLTT 02A except that classes continue till end of January after which classes break till end of March. They resume end of March till 2nd week of May, three times a week. This is meant for students who are dropping the year.

Preparation is done in four stages:

  • Stage 1

    Understanding of concepts

  • Stage 2

    Knowledge base formation

  • Stage 3

    Testing on knowledge base and concept understanding

  • Stage 4

    Intensive preparation by way Mock tests and practice exercises from exam point of view

It prepares an aspiring student for not only CLAT but all the other law entrance exams.

Extra Mock tests on the pattern of other exams are given to enable proficiency in different exams.

ABLTT is divided in 4 semesters:

Semester 1-2

meant for creating strong foundation for the aspiring students so that they understand the concepts and ideas in various disciplines. Extensive information and knowledge is provided to them. They are tested for the contents provided to them in semester 1 & 2.

Semester 3

meant for preparing the student to apply the knowledge to various entrance examinations. Advanced knowledge is provided in each subjects that vastly increases the knowledge base of the aspiring students. They are tested on the material by way of mock tests.

Additional mock Tests are given covering semester 1-2 and refresher of semester 1-2 is done.

Semester 4

Intensive preparation with extensive mock tests under exam simulated conditions. Revision of Semesters 1-2-3 . Updated Reference Material. Extensive testing is carried out on CLAT or the other law entrance exams pattern. Special techniques are provided how to attempt competitive exam test papers.

Students are prepared in the following subjects:

  • Grammar and Comprehension
  • Logic, Critical and Analytical Reasoning
  • Legal Aptitude and Reasoning
  • Quantitative Aptitude and Numerical Reasoning
  • Current Affairs

For course commencement dates and detailed structure please contact us