5 Year LLB Examination

ABLTS (Snail)

Course Duration: 2 years | Course Code: 01

ABLTS (Snail) is a two year program meant for students in class XI. The students are provided foundations and knowledge base at a pace that allows them to also pursue their academics in school and co-circular activities without much time constraints.

The class XI and class XII curriculum is in continuity.

Preparation is done in 5 stages:

  • Stage 1

    Basics and foundation of concepts (which includes vocabulary building)

  • Stage 2

    Explanation of basic concepts and knowledge base preparation

  • Stage 3

    Testing on concepts and knowledge

  • Stage 4

    Advanced concepts explanations and Testing

  • Stage 5

    Intensive Testing and examination techniques. Mock Tests for various competitive examinations

They are as follows:

  • Grammar and Comprehension
  • Logic, Critical and Analytical Reasoning
  • Legal Aptitude and Reasoning
  • Quantitative Aptitude and Numerical Reasoning
  • Current Affairs

For course commencement dates and detailed structure please contact us